Hatsukoi - Host

Hatsukoi - Host

Alternative: 初恋~ホスト~ ; First Love ~Host~ ; Hatsukoi (WATANABE Shiho) ; Hatsukoi Host ; Hatsukoi ~ host
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Author(s): Watanabe Shiho
Genre: Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Smut,
Status: Completed

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Ordinary high school student Ayane has fallen in love with Sena, a number one nightclub host! Moreover, he is her first love!! Dangerous love affairs of pure-hearted high school girls are depicted here.

Extra Oneshot 1: Fictional Dreamland
Sakura have been going out with her boyfriend, Yuki, for three months already and they haven't even kissed yet. One day her friend brought her a charm from an old lady to test if Yuki really likes her. In one of their "dates" she try it out...

Extra Oneshot 2
One day Satome Yuki bumps into one of her classmate, Sahara Masato, in a horse market which is her secret. In exchange for keeping her secret she became his "screen".

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