Himegimi wa Ore no Mono

Himegimi wa Ore no Mono

Alternative: 姫君は俺のモノ ; The Princess is Mine
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Author(s): Chitose Piyoko
Genre: Drama, Romance, School Life, Yaoi,
Status: Completed

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1) The Princess is Mine
So the rumors are true - Himemiya does have sex with boys. After seeing it first hand, what will Takayuki do? Obviously taking a shower is the correct answer, especially when you are not alone.

2) Love Science
Hikari is shocked when chemistry sensei Touchi confesses to him. He turns him down flat, but Touchi doesn't give up so easily. With robots and strange inventions to help him out, will the stalker/sensei get his guy?

3) Love is the Best Present from You
Student council president Sayuki has been watching soccer player Shinozuka for the past two years. Now high school is almost over, and Shinozuka hits Sayuki in the head with a soccer ball. Accidentally. Probably.

4) Rules of First Love
Nishinaga is a student with some behavioral problems, and he always seems to get himself into a bad situation. Unfortunately, this last time, it wasn't only fists that were flying, and Nishinaga wound up being a non-con uke. But can Suzuka Sensei save him? Is it possible to have a second first time?

5) The Princess is Always Mine
We see our boys, Himemiya and Takayuki, still together and still in love.

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