Not for Sale (AMANO Shuninta)

Not for Sale (AMANO Shuninta)

Alternative: 初恋構造式 ; Backshot ; Behind the Thick Frames ; Dream at Dawn ; Dreaming at Dawn ; Not for Sale (AMANO Shuninta) ; The Structural Formula of First Love
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Author(s): Amano Shuninta
Genre: Romance, School Life, Shoujo Ai, One shot,
Status: Ongoing

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A collection of stories:

1. Otona no Onna wa Muri wo Shinai

2. Yume Miru Yoake (Dreaming at Dawn)
Chika found herself in a compromising situation with Mariya, who is sleeping over her house after a pajama party. But Mariya dislikes anyone who tries to sexually harrass her. Will Chika get in trouble?

4. Cell Frame no Mukou Gawa (Behind the Thick Frames)

4. Backshot
Suffering the smoldering summer heat, Ema finds herself preoccupied with the bra of the girl she is sitting behind in math class.

5. Sanmanen de wa Kaemasen (Not for Sale)

6. Hatsukoi Kouzoushiki (The Structural Formula of First Love)
The protagonist is suffering the consequences of a curse she cast 13 years prior.

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