Thomas no Shinzou

Thomas no Shinzou

Alternative: トーマの心臓 ; 天使心 (HAGIO Moto) ; 托马的心脏 ; Heart of Thomas ; Le cœur de Thomas (French) ; Mitsukuni no Musume ; The Heart of Thomas ; Thoma no Shinzou ; Thomas no Shinzō ; Thomas' Heart ; Touma no Shinzou
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Author(s): Hagio Moto
Genre: Drama, Historical, Psychological, School Life, Shoujo, Shounen Ai,
Status: Completed

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The setting: A boys’ boarding school in Germany, sometime in the latter 20th Century. Fourteen year-old Thomas Werner falls from a lonely pedestrian overpass to his death immediately after sending a single, brief letter to a schoolmate:

To Juli, one last time
This is my love
This is the sound of my heart
Surely you must understand